dimanche 25 juillet 2010

Dear Oh the Cheek

Dear Oh the Cheek,

I apologize for neglecting you, not writing and sharing my thoughts on you, and thinking you can exist without me updating any information. It's not that my life is boring these days, but the heat oppresses my brain and anytime I do not have urgent tasks to do, I fall asleep without, sometimes, even realizing it. I know, it's terrible.
And yes, yes, I'll admit, I have been hooked on podcasts these last few weeks, making me forget about you a little. No, it has nothing to do with you, Cheeky, I promise. It's just that podcasts are... so... great, you know? I had not listened regularly to the radio for a full year, which is very uncharacteristic of me. But then, I was presented with the 21rst century gadget known as the ipod. It was hidden underneath my cousin's couch, found, and given to me. I had vaguely heard of podcasts, wasn't sure how they worked, thought they cost money. How wrong was I. They are free, informative (at least the ones I've followed so far) and have brought talk radio back into my life. Currently, my favourite podcasts are This American Life, NPR's Fresh Air, Living on Earth, Stuff You Should Know, and the New York Times book review. I also discovered there were video podcasts too! I need to look into that. And this may mean I'll catch French radio, regularly, all the way in America. Oh, technology. Sometimes, you are just beautiful.
But back to you Cheeky, I still value you and your terrific readers. I'm just learning to adjust to this new form of podcast media to which I have just been introduced. But you are a faithful companion, and I will come back to you, and keep you strong.