dimanche 8 août 2010

Heathrow airport

Currently in London Heathrow airport - or, mall?
Closer to Royal Holloway than I have been in years. Not enough time to drop by, though. I tried to spot the castle while we were in the air, descending towards the aeroport. No luck.
Feeling the jetlag, but not wanting to sleep. Unlike when I had a layover in Lisbon the last time, after Christmas. I couldn't stay awake, despite my attempts at concentrating in front of the portuguese news.
Happy to be in Europe. Excited about being back in Paris, and Brittany. My sister mentionned how much she missed Brittany. We are hard-wired on that air, that light, that ocean. And no matter how far we go, we can't get le Finistère out of our systems. Tant pis, tant mieux!