vendredi 30 décembre 2011

no wisdom

I don't know if this blog will make it through the New Year. It has run out of steam, and needs a new beginning. So do I. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

The last day of the year should prompt me to utter some sort of bullshit wisdom. But I have nothing. Nothing but doubt and uncertainty.  This year has been about growing up in a very adult kind of way. Choices and decisions came with consequences and responsibility. I am starting to view time differently - as a continuum of years rather than one year at a time. I am starting to view my life differently - as a project that can't be completely improvised. I am reluctant to give up the care-free and I want to keep the joy. But the restlessness has to go. How?
Here's to figuring it out in 2012.
Until then... happy 31rst.