lundi 3 août 2009



Home of Margaret Mitchell, the Braves (a baseball team), CNN and ... Coca-Cola!
Although I had already been to Atlanta when I was 13 or so, it was important to make a stop at Margaret Mitchell's house again. Since then, I had met Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler and was eager to see where those two fantastic characters had been conceived. Margaret Mitchell had an appartment in a large house and apparently referred to it as "the dump". But she nevertheless wrote big chunks of Gone with the Wind there, so I guess bad standards of living don't have a negative effect on brilliant fiction writing! Here's a photo of the dump:

The city of Atlanta seems to be proud to be the home of Gone with the Wind, which can easily be branded as the model of the Southern epic/romance/war novel. I can't thank Juliette enough for having given me that book for my birthday last year!

Now, on a less intellectual - but nonetheless very cultural - note, here's a glimpse of the Coca-cola footprint in the Atlanta landscape:

Not such an inelegant building, might I add, if it weren't for that coke bottled encased in its very own tower. I mean, really?? In this building, there is - of course - a Coca-Cola museum (which we had visited when I was 13, and decided we remembered it well enough) and a huge gift shop. There's also the founder of Coke who is there to greet visitors, or to force them to drink the brown stuff, I'm not exactly sure which:

I guess every civilisation has its own set of inspirational characters...

But this blog entry might be showing Atlanta in a slightly derivative light. It's actually a very enjoyable town, with pretty parks and many valuable cultural institutions. We were there during the Black arts festival and were greeted by a jazz band. I was also struck by the beautiful sculptures scattered around the central part of the city.

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Stephanie Losq a dit…

Juliette, in case you read this entry, I would also like to thank you for introducing Anne to "Gone with the wind". Thanks to you, my sister highly encouraged me to read it and it has become my new favorite book (not to mention my number one tool for medical school procrastination...) I'm not finished yet, but I have enjoyed every single page so far and can't wait to read the rest!
Might I also add that visiting Atlanta while reading the novel was a true treat. Actually walking on Peach Tree street or stopping at the Five Point station gave the novel a whole new dimension!