samedi 24 octobre 2009

Looking up from the page to admire the trees

Here I am again, writing a blog entry in a warm coffee shop called "Déjà brew" - Bethlehem does not lack coffee shops!- instead of venturing outside in the extreme wetness and dampness of this Pennsylvannia October day...
And since it's so yukky outside, why not post a few photos of a previous day, not so long ago (last thursday, in fact), where autumn was at its best: invigorating breeze without ever being cold, beautiful light, radiant colors...
I biked around a bit on the North side of town that day, and finally abandonned my bicycle to venture by foot in the beautiful old Nisky Hill cemetery. It was so beautiful, and peaceful, and restful.
I finally sat down and read "Moby Dick", very often looking up from the pages to stare at the trees surrounding me, just because they were so pretty.

And, behind the trees, another structure, dilapidated now but intrinsic to Bethlehem's character - the steel mills.

And, just to reassure people, I am doing things at the theatre: we have started the teaching programs in local high schools, and both me and Zach are on "prop and costume duty" for the show that's coming up, Shakespeare's "Tempest"... more theatre stuff in future blog posts.

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