jeudi 18 mars 2010

One year and one day old!! / Mon blog a un an et un jour!!

I woke up this morning, had breakfast and, for some reason, thought about my blog. And I remembered we were in March. And I remembered I had started my blog in March of last year!
And when I checked, I realized I had written my first post on the 17th of March, 2009. And we are today the 18th, 2010. So happy birthday, blog! And thanks to all my super readers for, well, reading!

Joyeux anniversaire, blog! Commencé le 17 mars 2009, et toujours en forme... longue vie au blog et un grand merci à tous ses supers lecteurs!

J'écrirai une vraie entrée très bientôt, promis.

3 commentaires:

Du Caked Hare a dit…

Your blog, then, was born on St Patrick's Day - long shout from Dublin eh?

rhi+vick a dit…

Bonjour ma petite fleur!

what a coincidence, myself and vicky started a blog yesterday as a way to keep in touch and share information and ideas. It only went live yesterday but ill send you the link as soons as it gets going. Eventually i want everyone to add a post every so often, just make keeping in touch a lil easier, as i go for months without speaking to some people and have no clue what there up to.

Bloogers unite eh, although mine is not exactly a blog in the classic sense im just high jacking the free blog sites untill i have time to make my own web page.

Hope your well

Anne Losq a dit…

Yey! Bloggers unite indeed!! I'm really looking forward to reading the blog and contributing, giving news. I have been so bad at keeping in touch, but I think of you two a whole lot! Hope everything's well in the Ham and the Burg! xxx