mercredi 24 août 2011

Bonne rentrée!

This is it. I start a new job on Monday, and will be going to meetings and orientations tomorrow and Friday. I have been doing all the grown-up things I probably should have done before turning 25 like getting a car, driving it (!), thinking about personal finance, signing a lease, preparing classes to teach, etc. It's all a bit overwhelming to have increasing responsibilities. I was panicking a lot last week, but I'm feeling a little more confident now. Hopefully that feeling will last at least until next week...

So, as this August month draws to a close and as the weather here finally cools off,
Je vous souhaite une bonne rentrée!

2 commentaires:

stephanie a dit…

Bonne rentrée à toi ma cocotte!!

Du Caked Hare a dit…

Look at you, growing up !!

All the best ! x