dimanche 14 juin 2009


D'abord, un petit merci pour les commentaires, qui me font très plaisir. Voilà. Maintenant, poème un peu dispersé en ce beau dimanche de juin.

Aspirations swirl around and around
Vacuming the inside of my skull

Who knew life would bring these things today
Certainly not I, should think to say

Apparently, that's how it goes
After a bit of a lull
A sudden shock reveals
Horizons unknown.

We're finding ourselves led
By a "wind of change",
Perhaps a breeze of vacillations

Why am I thinking now
Of the staircase leading to the beach
In Brittany?

Oscillations of the brain,
Between two things,
Two states of mind.
Two? Ney, many. Many more

It has been said by Deleuze and his pal Guattari
Leaving the sunny appartment
That thoughts
And perceptions
Amélie is still sleeping
Connect on a plain surface
I'm walking
No more verticals!

Towards the next point.

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