jeudi 7 mai 2009


I overslept. The interview is today. I had a meeting with my directrice de mémoire yesterday. She jumped when I said I couldn't stay until september. She doesn't think me handing my dissertation in june is feasible. In order to do quality research, that is. I'm passed caring about quality research. I don't think she understands my procrastinator's mind. She's a researcher, so obviously she knows how to work alone, keeping deadlines. But she did say that I should finish the dissertation by june if I wanted to just finish the masters and move on. I think I'm going to do that. I took advantage of public transportation time to change my mémoire outline. I'm feeling a bit stressed. A little. The Touchstone interview is at 5 pm. I need to prepare, anticipate some questions. Think about questions to ask. I want to work with you because the company looks AWESOME! No, that won't do it. Damn. Please take me. Just take me. Please. I need to stop the wordflow. Stop the wordflow! Stop the wordflow!


I also need to replace my French passport. And to see about cancelling the internet on my phone, which I don't use (the internet). Telephone companies are such cheats. Such cheats. Too many things in my mind right now, it's overheating. Overheat! Overheat! Overheat!

Goodness gracious. I'm surprised I haven't yet had a heart attack.

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