samedi 25 avril 2009

My true feelings about U2 and hip hop dance

I listened to some of my favorite U2 albums today, and it had been a really long time since I hadn't indulged in that. My teenage self sang inside me, and my (barely) adult self too. Despite everything that is said about this band - and its lead singer - it will probably always be one of my favourites. And I think one of the reasons (besides all the memories and the fact that "with or without you" and "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" are engraved in my dna) is the optimism inherent in those songs. U2 songs tend to vocalise a strong attachment to life and what it has to offer. That's pretty unusual for a rock band! As Sasha Frere Jones says in her article on U2 coming tour in the New Yorker: "While almost every rock band flirts with the allure of destruction and the charm of sin, U2 has kept its eye on that corniest of feelings: uplift".
And, well, let's face it. I'm corny and I don't think I could survive without positive vibes.

I won't go to their concert because their latest album is not so exciting, the tickets are stupidly expensive, it's in a big stadium, and I've already seen them once live. However, that music is in me, and it's not coming out, so I might as well own up to the fact that I'll always be a U2 fan.
I would like to know though, does Bono do cocaine? Because if he does, his whole discourse on North and South and poverty and stuff would be completely discredited, and at the same time, I really am suspicious because he's so energetic!

I also went to see a hip hop show last night, and was not disappointed. The two dancers (twins) were talented, technically gifted and had this contagious love of performance that made them want to share the limelight with the audience. So at the end of the show, they invited audience members to come up on stage and to dance in a sort of jamming session. We're talking about a real professional show here, in a proper theatre. Those two guys did not want to trade the spontaneity of hip hop improvisation for an institutionalised showcase. And it was so refreshing to see a high quality show that also transmitted a spirit of celebration. The audience was extatic, composed of young, old, black and white people. For a parisian theatre, that in itself is a miracle.

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