samedi 21 mars 2009

Ugh: a poem

As soon as I have the brilliant idea to start a blog, of course, my internet connexion acts up. Ugh. That's what happens when you live in a small maid's room, and where you depend on a pirate connexion for survival (although I also pay a service that doesn't actually work).

Anyways... feeling like this blog entry isn't going to be particularly uplifting... so... I'll just write a poem. Let's just call it...


Edgy and fidgety and annoyed

Tensed nerves at the ready

To stretch, break and explode.

No reason to be particularly

Frustrated and yet

It's like that.

No reason to want to scream or yell

Except for the bloody internet connexion

That chose to bluntly fail.

But I should breathe and start meditation

So I can live a long healthy life

Instead of thrive on agitation

Encountering nothing but strife.

I will dream up a happier blog entry next time...

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