lundi 23 mars 2009


Oh, Lou Reed. Such nice sound. Berlin is a lovely lovely song. That's what I'm listening to right now, and I'm quite content. Good music tends to do that, make me feel just right. And these days, my mood always begs for Lou. Is it the nonchalant voice, the spiky guitar riffs, the simple and quirky lyrics? It's all of that, and then some. ..."And those footsteps they start to fade"... it was Berlin, now it's Going Down.

I still need to find more ideas for the piece I'm going to record on video for this theatre audition (see post "The Blue Cape" for more details).

There's the sea thing, playing around with the Atlantic ocean. But as I said, that's just one idea, and it won't carry the whole piece. I was also thinking of playing around with language... maybe speaking in a gibberish-type frenglish language, and then little by little starting to separate the two languages... or the reverse, maybe speaking French and English separately at first, and as I sink into the Atlantic ocean, both languages merge? But then I would probably re-emerge from the ocean (because, you know, I don't want to die in there) and what language should I speak then?

I'm not sure this whole talking to myself thing is useful. I really need to rehearse it and see what comes up when I'm actually on my feet.

Otherwise, the researchers and university professors are still striking. In a weird twisted way, it's only when professors strike that I feel the urge to work on my dissertation.
But in Grenoble, some strikers organised a ritualised funeral as some of them solemnly gave up their administrative tasks. Here's the link to the video, it's pretty interesting.

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