dimanche 22 mars 2009

Sea People

I'm a sea person. I know it's stupid to say that, but I am. When people say "I'm a cat person" or "I'm a dog person", it sort of makes me laugh because surely we aren't really cat people or dog people, we're just people who like cats or dogs. Similarly, I like the sea; I'm not a sea-person like half fish/half human or something (that would be a mermaid, actually).

Anyway! Yes. So. I like the sea. I bet you're happy to know that.

Here are some pictures I took at Le Guilvinec in Brittany (Bretagne). I do not know these two people, so I think technically I shouldn't be publishing their portraits. But I'll take the risk. And I do feel like I know them a little bit. I know them for that glimpse of time when their expression caught my eye and the result landed on film (or, more accurately, on a memory card).
Maybe I'll write about them some day. Maybe they will be the basis for some characters.But for now, let's just call them the young and the old fishermen. Or the Sea People, the real ones. Those whose lives depend on that vital, beautiful and dangerous element. Those who are intimate with the sea, enough to call her "Ma belle" every once in a while and to look at her tenderly.

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