mardi 17 mars 2009

Oh, the cheek of blogging

So. It appears I have decided to start a blog. One more blog in the multitude of blogs that grace the world wide web. Will mine be any different? I highly doubt. No concept, no interesting life (for the moment), no outrageously funny sense of humour. My blog is not really for anyone else to read, but really mainly just for me. I need a place where I can be completely crazy, talk about whatever crosses my mind, and not be afraid of anyone.

So why the hell am I writing on a blog, where everyone can see what I'm saying? Cos I feel like it, dude. Do I have to give any more explanations?

It is contradictory. If I'm writing a blog, I must want people to read it. Maybe. But it's more because the medium allows to post pictures and videos, and do other crazy new-technology stuff like that.
It's also about the discipline of writing, and the need to find my voice. My own private/public voice. Good writers seem to walk on a tight rope, balancing clarity with emotion, personal experience with observation of the big bad world. And they get to be good writers by... guess what... by writing! That's the first step to being good. You actually have to write stuff. Compose! Compose till you drop!

So. This will be my lab. Caution to all readers: work in progress and risk of explosion.

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