mercredi 18 mars 2009

The blue cape

This really cool theatre in Pennsylvania (USA), is recruiting apprentices for next season. I am very interested, but I can't audition because I live in Paris, France, and don't have the funds to take my private jet to get to the other side of the Atlantic. Damn distances, and damn not being rich. However, I will actually record a piece on tape so that the people at Touchstone will have no choice but to say : We NEED this woman! She is so bloody brilliant! How could we even think one second not to take her right now!?

Now for ideas.

First idea is to play on my double nationality. Since I'm Franco-American,I am intrinsically weird, never completely satisfied with who I actually am. And this - the fact that I can't attend the audition - kind of heightens my ambivalence. I'm american, but I don't live in the United States, and actually never lived there. That has to be a bit odd. And yet, here in France, I don't feel completely at home either. Maybe that's why I love the sea. That's where I really belong. In the In-between of France and America. I live in the dash of Franco-American. Not a terribly spatious place to live in, bit at least I feel comfortable there!
How to picture that on stage?
I was thinking of getting a big blue sheet with written Atlantic Ocean on it, and playing with it. Dancing around it, taking it on my back as a cape and flying with it, stuff like that. But that idea only goes so far. It will maybe be an aspect of my piece, but not its core.
I still have some thinking to do.
Will keep you posted when inspiration strikes. And it will!

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